Relapsed refractory myeloma question

Hi everyone,

my mom was diagnosed with relapsed multiple myeloma in February 2020. She had been on Daratumumab and Pomalyst about eight months, but was taken off the Pomalyst due to extreme fatigue and neutropenia and put on Ixasomib (Ninlaro) plus Daratumumab plus Dexamthasone. She’s been on this for 6 months. This has been a godsend of a medication, and she is now feeling great and in a complete response. However our insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, and their PBM Magellan, recently issued a denial letter over this combination as it isn’t on their approved combination list. We have filed an appeal that was denied, and are working through the process. Obviously this is extremely frustrating as my mom does not want to go back on the Pomalyst and all other approved combinations she’s either contraindicated for due to neuropathy or are less effective. Has anyone ever received insurance approval over this combination, and any recommendations on how we can deal with this? Thank you all for everything that you do, we are so appreciative of this community.