Father diagnosed with Follicular Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma FNHL


Hi All ~ My father was recently diagnosed with FNHL after about a month of testing to find out what type of cancer her had. He is expected to get more info such as staging on 12/29 but I wanted to do a little research to see what he could expect. I personally had head and neck cancer last year and this site was so helpful for me to know what to expect that I wanted to reach out on this specific forum.

My dad will be 70 in 2 months. He wasn't able to urinate for 1.5 - 2 days and was in a bunch of pain so went to the ER where they used a catheter to relieve him. He has had that catheter in since about 11/20 and they began doing testing and just finally diagnosed him with FNHL on 12/21. His PET scan had hot spots in several areas (abdomen, groin, lower back) but as we all know it could have been other various infections. He had PSA tests done and his number was 55 at one point. He's back down to 9 I believe but they ruled out Prostate Cancer.

If anyone has a bio or a "my journey" type post could you please post it here for us to read. He is working with a local hospital but plans on getting a referral to Mayo in Scottsdale as they winter in AZ so if you had a good/bad experience there please let me know.