Mild thickening of bladder wall

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12/07 went to ER for groin pressure, back and flank pain, had a little blood and burning after urination. At ER had normal blood work, but gave urine sample it look liked Coca Cola. The doc told me it was intestinal cystitus. Gave me keflex.

12/09 went to pcp gave urine and it had moderate blood in urine, positive for nitrates, and protein. Changed me to cipro for 10 days

Went home and on 12/13 noticed I urinated out a few little small strings of blood, maybe blood clots. It only lasted a day or so. Then that night I went to the bathroom and passed a kidney stone. All of the symptoms went away for a couple of days, then the burning after urination continued and small drops of blood after urinating. The burning finally went away, and still have microscopic hematuria. Every now and then a couple of drops of blood after urinating, but not in the last few days.

Had a CT Urogram which only showed “mild thickening of the bladder wall”

Concerned about bladder cancer. Has anyone has symptoms like this?


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    Suggest that you get a referral to an experienced urologist. They can conduct a cystoscopy (a scope inside of bladder) in their office to see any evidence of something amiss in the area of the thickening.

    "Mild thickening of bladder wall" was on my CT, and follow-up TURBT revealed that my Stage 1/high grade cancer had returned. This was my finding, do not presume that it will be yours.

    You do not need to be alarmed, just be proactive.

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    My husband had these exact symptoms and he was diagnosed with bladder cancer yesterday. Get to a urologist asap.

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    Emmy, I am sorry to hear of your husband's diagnosis. While the news always comes as a gut punch, by staying proactive it is possible to have good outcomes.

    If he would like to speak to a survivor whom has made this journey (twice 17 years apart), you may reach out to me and I would be more than happy to try to answer questions you may have about the bladder cancer survivor experience. Note that in 2020 the BCG treatments that I had received failed, and due to the aggressive nature of my cancer, I underwent bladder removal followed by chemo that year at an NCI hospital. I have been cancer free for the past 18 months.

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    He has urothelial carcinoma. Just at a loss as to where we go from here.

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    My thickened bladder walls are from the enlarged prostate. Something else to deal with.

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    Just a couple of suggestions to aid on this journey. Posting here so others may find them of help also.

    1) go to the web site, which has tremendous information from medical providers and patients for bladder cancer. It is a great resource to navigate from diagnosis to becoming clear.

    2) if you have access to one, hospitals which are "NCI" facilities have extensive experience treating cancer as well was doing clinical research to control and defeat this disease.

    3) You can find a link to the NCCN protocols for bladder cancer treatment at the site. They are similar to a flowchart for the treatment of bladder cancer.