Oversight at my Woman's Imaging Center?

Chiswick Member Posts: 8 Member

I have heterogenously dense breasts and go for yearly mammograms.

I had normal mammogram in November of 2020 - but was recommended for ABUS (Automated Breast Ultrasound).

I went for the ABUS in June of 2021. It showed an area that that was questionable for an artifactual shadowing and to repeat with an ultrasound on the right breast which I did a few days later. This ABUS was compared to 11/28/20 mammogram.

The radiologist confirmed that it was a piece of dense tissue and that I would return to my regular schedule of mammogram follow-ups.

Now I just went for my regular mammogram this past weekend 12/18/21.

It comes back with the same question on right breast with an asymmetry area.

My report states: This is compared to 11/28/20 mammogram one year ago but does not mention anything about being compared to the ABUS and f/u ultrasound which was six months ago.

I am questioning why no mention of the study that I had in June of 2021.

Do I really need to go back or was this just an oversight and that they overlooked the Study in June of 2021. They are supposed to call me back for additonal images.

Thank you in advance for your insight.