oral chemo

Miles' mom
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Wondering if anyone out there with thyroid cancer has taken??


  • cryskilhefner78
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    Taken what? I took a radiation pill to kill off what cells remained and was quarantined for a week then carried a card with me saying I was radioactive for 6 months afterwards. I did not have to do chemo.

  • Miles' mom
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    Yes, I did RAI also. Have since had another surgery (makes 4 now) to remove another cancer in another lymph node. Also positive for BRAFv600e mutation. My surgeon said in, no uncertain terms, that it will come back. They are suggesting oral chemo, which has been found to help with some thyroid cancers.

    I was hoping to hear from someone who had gone this route. Thank you for replying, though, and I hope you are done with all this!!