🎶 "It's the most scanxious time of the year!" 🎶 (three years post-surgery)

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Last week I had my scans. CT of my chest went quickly, MRI of the abdomen/pelvis felt quick (because I think I fell asleep in the tube). Everything went smoothly... until it didn't.

My doctor is always great about sending test results right away so I don't stress out. True to form, he sent me the MRI results within a couple hours, showing me that my abdomen/pelvis were perfect.

But no CT scan results. I waited a few days, then followed up. He said that the results coming back on CT scans were delayed, but he would let me know as soon as he got them.

And so I waited. Trying not to get nervous.

Then the computer system sent me my results... two copies of my MRI, but no copies of my CT scan.

Now I'm a nervous wreck. I spent the weekend going through the complete scanxiety variety-pack of "they found something" and "it's probably nothing" and "it's probably mets in my lungs" and "if it was something the doctor would tell you" and "it's definitely in my lymph nodes" and "OMG maybe I have some new COVID variant".

I saw my doc today. Everything's fine. NED. He apologized that I never got the CT scan - it's either the new computer system they're using, or it was user error on his part. But the important thing is that I'm three years post-surgery and I'm still NED!

The other thing in my life right now is a big upcoming family trip, which we decided not to cancel. There's a lot of uncertainty with COVID and variants and testing, but after my cancer experience, living with uncertainty just seems like normal, doesn't it? Gonna embrace life while I still can - the good, the bad, the inconvenient. Assuming I pass all my nose-swabs, soon I'll be in 🇮🇹 with pizza and beer in hand, thinking of you guys.

Stay safe everyone! Love you, gang. ♥️  ♥️ ♥️


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    Great post, eug! The trip will be a perfect way to help celebrate clear scans. Enjoy!


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    Good post eug91, well it's the same anxious moments we all go through from one screening to the next. But rest assured that the MRI is a thorough and better scan than the USG. Great for you and hope other members out there also take inspiration from your post, at least I am. I just sometimes wonder what kind of diet we are supposed to maintain with this condition, because my surgeon advised me to go on a vegetarian diet without any Alcohol and also to avoid sugar at all costs.

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    Way to go congratulations have a very merry Christmas and enjoy your trip

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    Congrats! Have an awesome trip

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    So happy to hear the NED news Eugene! The instant results we now get can be a mixed blessing! Enjoy your trip! Buon giornio!

  • tgpath1
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    Congratulations!! You are always so positive and upbeat...I love reading your comments! Love to hear that you are still NED and praying for many more years of that! Enjoy your trip!!

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    Wonderful news eug! What part of Italy you heading to?

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    Venice, Rome, Naples. Haven't been to Rome in forever, never been to Venice & Naples. Can't wait.

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    Have a great time. Love Rome. Venice and Naples, for us, we’re meh. Love Florence and Bologna.

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    Wonderful news!

    Enjoy your trip. I loved it there!

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    Hey eug! Great news but oh, it's hard to wait and stress about results. Sounds like now you can head out on your trip without that worry. I'm glad to hear of someone else who can fall asleep in an MRI scanner... Per favore, portami pizza e vino. Take care ~

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    Yeah for NED!!

    Have a wonderful time on your trip Eug!

  • Biner
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    Ned its best news!Last time i had ct and delay few days, i was so nervous but all came good

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    Congratulations and happy New Year!

    For me, it is been over 5 years. My scanxiety has always been around. And becomes OCD as well… but at least, Uncle Ned visited!