Scar tissue and anal fissure

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I'm 2 years remission , does anyone else have issues when passing a hard stool ,there is some blood, my Dr said that is the scar tissue causing that from a harder stool and I have a fissure , I guess I'm looking for reassurance . My last CT scan was normal , and I see my GI doctor today for my 6 month visit .


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    Well, I don't show blood ALL of the time, but when I am not careful with my diet, then yes, there is always blood. Then of course that means I have ripped, and then it hurts, or feels like a ball - such an odd and always frightening experience.

    I am seven years NED - Stage IV, and this will be a part of my life forever - and I plan on living until I am 92, at least.

    Did you have radiation? My problem in the rectum and vaginal area, were caused by radiation thinning out the skin and also causing stenosis.

    I hope this post reassures you, but I will warn you, the fear may never go away. You will see that blood, feel that odd sensation and wonder 'Is it back?'

    This is just my experience, and of course you always go to your team of Doctors first and foremost - which you have done.


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    Thanks , I don't have bleeding all the time , I notice to if my diet isn't good or I don't drink enough water or take my fiber . My Dr says there is scar tissue where the tumor was and if I don't keep my stool soft it will cause some bleeding

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    Yes, It hurts and is scary. My colon Doctor put me on Metamuscil in the morning and Miralax in the evening. It has helped me stay soft enough to pass normal size stool. However, the scar tissue in on my sphincter and that's where to stool passes through. It gets inflamed and hurts now and then. I also use aquaphor everyday as well. I'm over 6 years NED now.