Three month check up

Hi All,

Today I have my CT. Had lab done on Friday. Oncologist appointment next week. Seems these three month check ups come faster and faster. As most of you know it’s been a year now November 2, 2020 since I was diagnosed with CLL/SLL. Watch and wait, Wait and watch whichever is where I’m at. I’m a 73 year old female for those that don’t remember me. I’m a caregiver for my hubby.

He’s a diabetic, heart patient that’s suffering from Pulmonary fibrosis/COPD. It’s been a rough year for him. Lately seems to be worse. We have VA caregiver that comes a few times a week for his showers, which helps me as well as him.

Anyway wanted to touch base with you and wish you all a blessed holiday season.

Be well friends

Hugs GG


  • AussieMomTN
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    I am just starting where you were a year ago. I have recently been diagnosed with CLL/SLL. I still have no idea of staging or anything and have been placed on watch and wait this week. I get monthly bloods drawn and see the oncologist in 3 months. I just recovered from COVID a couple weeks ago and received the monoclonal antibodies so my immune system is loving that right now. It was interesting to see the impact they had on my bloodwork! Anyway we have to wait for me to 'get over COVID' the Dr said so that's where I am! I'm like WTF does this watch & wait mean? What am I supposed to be DOING during watch and wait? I'm healthy, relatively fit for my age, lots of back and joint problems and chronic pain but nothing too drastic. I should say I am a 54 y/o woman from East Tennessee, USA.

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    Hi AussieMomTn

    Well I said the same thing a year ago. WTF does watch and wait mean? I’ve had several 3 month check ups now. I told my doctor I feel like a time bomb waiting to go off. He told me it doesn’t work like that. The lab numbers fall into a range. Plus the Pet scans, CT scans all are measured. He told me to live my life, and not to lose sleep over it. Easier said than done. I go in tomorrow for my 3 month check I had the CT which was brutal only because of my old veins. The first attempt the catheter would not go in the right place, he was moving it around then he said got it Put me in the tube started the contrast and OMG the pain in my arm was excruciating I Screamed get me out stop the contrast He then stopped the contrast got me out of the tube and said I am so sorry it wasn’t in obviously. He got me a warm compress which helped. Then he tried the left arm. OMG this time it ruptured my vein. I had told him to try the top of my hand which he really didn’t want to do but after the second failed attempt that was the place that worked, top of the left hand. Doing so he had to do the contrast slower. By now I just wanted this CT over with. I’m at a place in my mind that whatever will be will be. When I first got diagnosed I told him can’t we just lambaste the hell out of it. No we wait and watch. He told me of a patient that he’s had for over 8 years now. She was my age 72 when diagnosed and hers poof went away. No treatment, no explanation. Sometimes it just happens that way. But that’s usually not the case. My lymph nodes had shrunk 50%-75% last year after the first Pet scan. I pray for all of us living this path. The folks here have been a wealth of knowledge and a wealth of support.

    Keep me updated. Be well 🙏🏻

    Hugs GG

  • ShadyGuy
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    Perhaps wait and watch is most appropriate for you. It seems to me when I see the difficulty you have with a simple ct scan with contrast I have to wonder how you would do with actual treatment. A CT scan is childs play compared to implanting a port, going through biopsies, having six 3-day infusions (one every 3 weeks) of chemicals which make you very sick. Having your hair fall out and waking in the middle of the night to vomit. Plus more CT scans along the way to check progress. All this followed by 2 years of infusions every 8 weeks with still more CTs to check progress. They have pills to help with anxiety. I dealt with it by staying busy, communing with nature and family support. You will have to discover what works for you.

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    Prayers for good results, GG! Keeping you in my prayers and hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  • GGc0ok
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    Gee ShadyGuy thank you for all your encouraging words. I’ve had my share of difficulties biopsy’s, radiation, I was a very sick young girl at the age of 10. Yes this “simple”CT was hard on me, that’s not to say I can’t handle it. You obviously know of all that this entails and seem to have all the answers. I didn’t realize this forum was about sarcasm on how one handles treatment or how one may not handle treatment. Your very judge mental and unkind. Be well


  • GGc0ok
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    Thank you for the prayers and Merry Christmas. I wish you a Merry Christmas too. My prayers are ongoing for you as well. Results of lab were in range, some nodes have shrunk. I continue watch and wait. I hope all is going well with you and all you’ve endured.

    Hugs GG