Prostate cancer and pacemaker

I recently had a biopsy due to PSA going to 6.  I'm 73 years old in excellent health except for a 3 year old pacemaker and controlled High Blood Pressure.  My biopsy showed 2 spots of cancer contained in the right side near edge.  Gleeson score 3 + 3.  One urologist is totally against any treatment what so ever and wants me to stay on Active Surveillance. ( watching PSA and biopsy's).  Another urologist suggested same thing, stating treatments were very high risk due to PaceMaker.  No one knows if I can have an MRI due to Pacemaker.  Citing a much higher risk of heart attack and stroke.  Any information out there regarding treatment with a pacemaker involved will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much


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    Hi, welcome to the board.

    I do not know if your pacemaker condition/dependency status would be accepted for an MRI but you can try consulting Mayo clinic as they accept PCa patients with pacemakers for this scan and got protocols for Active Surveillance (AS).

    Here is a link of your interest;

    Surely they would also recommend a radical treatment if your case requires it and your health/situation is proper.

    In my lay opinion, AS is the best choice in dealing with prostate cancer as it avoids the risks and side-effects of traditional PCa therapies but this is recommend to guys with low risk cases. I wonder if the pathologist finding for "... near the edge ..." groups you in the high risk cases. AS involves a regimen of annual tests and exams which can become bothersome.

    Best wishes and luck in this journey.