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Welcome to the CSN! Below are some tips to help you get started following and posting on the boards.

You can follow your preferred discussion board to get notifications of new topics and comments. To follow a board, navigate to your preferred board and then select the bell at the top, followed by your notification preferences:

From your home page, change the view to ‘Following’ to filter for boards that you are following: 

Clicking Topics or Topics and Comments will list the board under Following and check the Popup notification box within your notification preferences so you will get notifications anytime there are new topics or comments.

If you need to update your notification preferences, you can do so by clicking on your profile picture and selecting Edit Profile from the dropdown menu and then selecting Notification Preferences on the next screen.

Starting a topic:

New topics can be started from the home page or from your preferred discussion board. To start a new topic, select the blue button that says “New Post” on the righthand side of the page, then select “New Topic”

Replying to a topic:

To reply to a post, select the ‘Reply’ reaction at the bottom of the post. You will then see a comment box at the bottom of your page with the post you are replying to:

A note about older posts: you may not get a response when commenting on an old post. If the post is older than 18 months, consider starting a new topic instead.

When looking at comments, you may also notice that there is a comment that has a blue box around it:

The blue box helps you to know where you left off reading the comments. The comment above this, is the last comment that you read. The comment in the blue box and all comments after it are comments you have not read. If you have read all the comments in that topic, you will not see a blue box.

Once you start posting, you’ll also be able to view your conversations under the category ‘My Topics’ listed under Quick Links on the righthand side of the page. You can also view your conversations on your profile page.

We hope this information is helpful. Please feel free to visit our ‘Welcome to CSN’ page here for more guidance. 

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