AFP values increase post Chemo!!


Hi. 29M from India

Diagnosed with testicular cancer and undergone orchiectomy.

RESULT is embryonal carcinoma.

Undergone 2cycles of BEP regimen Chemotherapy. 

Before orchiectomy B-hcg -8, AFP-1.65.

Post orchiectomy/start of chemo 1st cycle B-HCG <0.100, AFP-1.6,

Start of chemo 2nd cycle B-HCG <0.100, AFP-1.98,

After 2nd chemo end, 10 days later B-HCG <0.100, AFP-2.95

Liver function test values are good and in range.

Why there is increase in AFP levels continuously? (but within limits) 

Anyone faced similar issue? Terrified with results ?