Taking a break

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Hello guys,

I am taking a break from the forum. Papa is brave and fighting the cancer which is of course exhausting and we all hope that the CT next week on Tuesday (we will hear Wednesday) shows that the progress stopped. I am a little negative now. A lot negative things happened (Folfiri failing, peritoneal mets), guess I just lost the positive energy. 

Since August I am in a facebook group with follow German people. It helps a lot, probably a reason why I am not here so often anymore even though I always appreciated your thoihts and prayers. The facebook group has a psychologist which was really helpful. 

For now I am back studying which takes time and when I am off I will fly home and see my Papa. 

Take care, covid is still around unfortunately. I wish you all the best and if something urgent arises where you need a med student to "translate" medical English to normal English, I will help. Worriedson has my mail and I am allowing him officially to give it away. 

I will of course post here and there when there is something you have to know. 



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    Thank you

    Thank you for letting us know the evolution of your plans.  Sometimes when people disappear it leads one to wonder.  Communicating in your native language makes a lot more sense, and conditions and medications do vary somewhat across the globe.  I wish you the best of luck in your studies and your father the best of health.

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    Take a break

    I've taken a break from the board for awhile now, and it feels good.  Everyone needs to get away from this day in and day out.  Life can get busy, schedules can change, and sometimes we tend to focus on other things.  Wishing your dad the best and glad that you found another board that you feel more comfortable with.


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    Take care friend. Also, you

    Take care friend. Also, you always make me think of Thomas Tuchel when I see your name.Laughing