2nd consult on Monday


I have a list of questions to ask at the 2nd consult on Monday for my mom's stage 2A Colorectal diagnosis.

I want to be thorough and ask the right questions. Does anyone have a suggestion or maybe something that you wish you had asked, known ahead of time, etc

..Just trying to be prepared and walk out of there knowing I asked everything I should have. 


  • SandiaBuddy
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    Perhaps your request is getting a slow response since many people with a 2A diagnosis move on from the forum relatively quickly.  Most of us who stick around have had higher risks.

    However, you have mentioned that the first oncologist suggested chemo, which can be a serious matter.

    It might make sense to get very specific with the doctor about the expected gains from any chemo and the specific risks.  Also you might want to ask about the pill form of chemo (Xeloda/capecitabine) versus the injected form.  Both are usually supplemented with oxaliplatin, about which a book could be written.

    If I did it over again, I would be sure to ask about any vitamin d deficiency and if supplementation might be appropriate.  I would also ask whether any nutritional supplements or dietary changes might be helpful.  Generally, physicians are very hesitant to comment on these topics.  Additional research might be warranted.  Simple sounding things like drinking coffee and eating tree nuts have been shown to be helpful.

    I wish you and your mother the best of luck in your upcoming consultation.


  • Annabelle41415
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    Be very specific on what type of treatment they want to give you.  Sometimes surgeons only want to do surgery and no chemo, while others do both.  Ask the odds of what the doctor feels better with doing chemo in conjunction with surgery.  Sandia is right about the vitamin D levels, mine was low and never knew it.  It's not a standard blood test.  Wishing you mom the best and feel free to bring more questions to the board.  Some doctors also want to do a CEA test, but for me it wasn't reliable.