For What It Is Worth- Vaccine

I was part of the Lymphoma study that showed 1 out of 4 who had Lymphoma previuosly didn't have antibodies tafter getting two shots. I was lucky to be one that did show antibodies, but after six months i came down with coivd yet again for the second time (Oct 2021). I just recieved my booster, but if are vaccinated you still need to be very careful. I went to a Halloween party without masks and thought i was protected, but there is no question that the vaccine weaned as the months past. I got to admit it is very depressing to know that until this virus goes away for good that i could get a covid for a third time or even a fourth time.

My symptons this time around were a bit better than the first time around , but my sense of smell and taste had changed again. My smell and taste have been distorted since having it the first time (March 2020). This time around i lost all sense of smell and are now waiting to see if it returns in the coming weeks. I am sharing this because it seems even though you got the shot, and even though you might had antibodies, there is no guarantee they last longer than six months after having Lymphoma. 

If ayone else who had Lymphoma experienced Covid after getting the vaccine i loved to hear. This is a game changer in my life and after beating Lymphoma, I now will have to deal with covid for years to come. Very frustrating!



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    I am recovering from Covid as we speak. I now have pneumonia and am hoping the meds work.I think the vaccine gave me a sense of being safe.It has been awful and as I'm not one year NED yet I feel I was so compromised.I do want to believe the vax has kept me out of the hospital.My husband also had it with me and that was tough.He is doing better.I had all symptoms. Except fever and  low oxygen.I did get the infusion but it didn't seem to work. I pray I don't get it again and would not wish it on anyone!!

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    Does anyone have info just how accurate and reliable the antibody tests are? The one I had was Roche but apparently there are others.

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    Hi   I have read your message and am disheartened.  I am approaching my last round of RCHOP.  I had both vaccines and a booster before diagnosis.  I currently isolate extensively and wear masks wheneer I go out.

    So  I'd like to understand:  you had lyphoma, after treatment you received the vaccine and still you have contracted COVID.  Is that correct understanding.?  Thanks for any response you may have.

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    I finished chemo for Lymphoma in November 2020 I got my two vaccin last one in april and before I could get the booster I got covid and pnumonia.I got it hard and had an infusuion but it was too late because there was such a waiting list before me.I'm from Michigan and its the worst state for some reason.....