Ca 15-3 is this a trend? When do you act on it?

Pratoman Member Posts: 17

My wife was diagnosed with Breast cancer in 1987, and again in 1991, two different cancers (different pathology). Been BrCa free since, however was diagnosed with ovarian Cancer in 2016, finished treatments in April 2017 . Prior to her ovarian cancer diagnosis her ca 15-3 did a slow rise over 5-6 years, and got to 49 about 6 months before the diagnosis of OvCa., with the idiot oncologist following her at the time, saying nothing to worry about, even after I pushed back hard.

At diagnosis of OvCa, her ca 15-3 was 75. Very odd. After treatment it dropped to 32. And since then, at 6 month intervals the readings have been…
35 34 35 33 33 35 36 36 34 and just last month, 40. All the while her ovarian cancer markers have been perfect, around 10-13 (at diagnosis it was 1700). I'm thinking this can't be called a trend?

I'd like to get feedback on the 40 reading. Any significance in your opinions? 
We are seeing a new Breast oncologist the first week December, and I'm wondering if she will say, retest in 6 months, retest now, or do scans now. Or nothing to be concerned about. Or should we retest on our own prior to the appointment.

Thanks in advance.