Abraxane National Shortage


I have stage 4 pancreatic cancer and have had "stable" CAT scans for 6 months on therapy regimenof Abraxane and Gemzar.

I went for my infusion on Nov. 3rd and was told there was no Abraxane available for my treatment due to a national shortage.

I still have not received any Abaxane.  

    Anyone else a victim of this healthcare shortage??????


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    Abraxane Shortage

    The shortage of Abraxane was due to an issue with the sole-source supplier that Bristol Meyers Squibb obtains it from. There was a quality control issue that was noticed by BMS quality control and had to stop its distribution in the interest of protecting patients. The halt in production did not effect the distribution of Gemzar. The QC issue with the vendor has been resolved and I read accounts from patients on Gemzar+Abraxane that they were receiving treatment with both products as early as November 3rd. 

    In the business world is what is known as risk management. One would think that with a critical need for a drug like Abraxane, BMS would have had some type of risk management in place. When it is known there is a sole-source supplier, usually those party to creating and signing a contract would specify the vendor has to have a contingency plan in place. That could be sub-contracting with another company or have a second manufacturing site. In this way, unforeseen circumstances like a natural disaster, fire, etc would have minimal interruption while the alternate location covered the shortag. This does not seem to be the issue here. Makes one wonder if BMS and other companies are now reviewing the risk management/contingency plans to avoid situations like this in the future.

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    I have stage IV metastatic breast cancer. I haven't received Abraxane since October 2021 with no end in sight.

    I'm suffering so many painful side effects from my "alternative treatment" that I'm seriously considering stopping and going into palliative care to make the pain stop.

    I thought my mets diagnosis was my worst nightmare.

    This Abraxane shortage is going to kill me faster than the cancer.