Pelvic Floor Exerciser

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78 yr old diagnosed October 5 with PCa T2, 4/12 cores Gleason 7 (4+3) in 1 core.  Have decided to opt for robotic assisted prostatectomy if approved by doctor in Nov 30 appt.  Been reading about the necessity of doing kegels.  Has anyone had any experience with using Pelvic Floor Exerciser advertized for use in incontinence and ED?  See them advertised for about $75.  


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    Better off getting a kegels

    Better off getting a kegels app for your phone and saving $75

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    I had the RALP three years ago.  Did kegels multiple times a day pre and post surgery.  Didn't work for me, but then agaiin I'm not representative of the majority.  Oh, I was 72 at the time of my surgery.