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Hello! I am writing for any perspective on what my mom is currently going through. In mid-August I took her to ER with a distended belly, after a CT, was told she had metatstatic cancer but as they were not sure of the primary source, ordered a bunch of diagnostic tests. Everything came back fine, aside from a comment indicating that the right ovary could not be seen. After a month of frustration, told that the cancer is either ovarian that has metastasized to the peritoneal or the primary is peritoneal. Given her very frail and weakened state, she had one round of chemo using only one drug instead of the standard two, within 48 hours the fluid returned and the oncologist indicated that quality of life is the best option at this point. The ascites returns within 2-3 days and she is living with us receiving palliative nursing visits. Thank you so much for reading my post and providing any thoughts or comments. Much appreciated.


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    I'm wondering if they checked her appendix? most of the time it starts in the appendix and causes the appendix to rupture it will also cause organs to malfunction. My left ovary was crushed after the cancerous mucin covered it, hardened around it causing it to rupture.

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    I had a total hysterectomy in 1982. I did not have cancer.. just ovarian cysts. In Oct 2021 I went to urgent care for covid test. Just feeling a little of and hubby had just finished surgery and chemo a few months before for lung cancer. Didn't want to risk exposing him. The urgent care is attached to local hospital. Since i complained of chest pressure, they took me to er for ekg and blood work for heart. Heart fine, but blood work not. So they did ct scan, which showed mass in lower left abdominal and fluid in abdomin. Thought i had ovarian cancer (uh - no ovaries)Sent to PCP and by the following Friday I had been to a gyn oncologist, had a biopsy and had dx of primary peritoneal cancer.....darn, wish I had had Covid. The biopsy found a tiny, unidentifiable piece of matter in the mass that they said could have been a fragment of a fallopian tube that had been floating around since 1982. Good heavens. So here I am 15 months later - had 4 combo chemo treatments, surgery to remove omentum and blast any cells (living or dead), 4 more combo chemo treatments - then tried rubraca pills. Did not tolerate them - labs kept showing blood cells dropping, while CA-125 going up. So 5 months of that and started a new med combo - chemo Doxil plus Avastin. Combo is once a month with Avastin every 2 weeks. My WBC's dropped quickly, after the 1st treatment, so now have added neulasta to try to offset that, and to offset side effects from neulasta am taking Claritin for 5 days after that med. One thing leads to another and we don't know if any of it is doing any good. My general conclusion is that there is no cure for ppc - just a matter of stalling/delaying its progress. And although I am not frail, not experienced any pain, basically have a general overall weakened state probably from treatments, my main goal for the immediate future is quality of life. These treatments are supposed to go to May, but if I do not start seeing CA 125 dropping I will probably discontinue all meds and just enjoy what time I have. Meanwhile hubby is 3 years cancer free from lung cancer. BTW, I am 79 and was otherwise in good health. I will say prayers for your mother.

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    I was diagnosed with primary Peritoneal, serious carcinoma , tumor was on top of an overy so they thought ovarian at first, but once the tumor and all it’s octopus tentacles were removed the overy was fine. This was taken out August 2020, 5 months of chemo 2 drugs, I couldn’t tolerate the last month, so I’m happy to say , Feb 28th 2023, last week, was my 2 year anniversary of last chemo. NED of disease ! There is hope, just have to be your own advocate. Tomorrow I go in for the R.G.C.C. special blood test to see if I still have any floating cancer cells that just haven’t hosted on anything yet. I’ve been getting scans every 3 months, nothing showing up, but why wait for it to reappear? That’s why I’m doing the test so I can see what other natural or drug remedies I need to keep it away. Best of Luck to you….