Thyroid cancer-Braf V600e mutation

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Good morning, I had thyroseq molecular testing done as my initial biopsy was a follicular neoplasm. My results from Thyroseq shows that the test result is positive, the probability of cancer is ~99% and I also have the BRAF V600E mutation. I was hoping I can get some input from others, as I don't have a follow up with my ENT until November 18. Will I need a lobectomy? or TT? I am currently hypothyroid and on medication. After surgery is there any other treatment needed? anyone have this mutation? s there a risk with recurrence? Any feedback is greatly appreciated, as you can imagine i am nervous, especially since I can't speak to them until November 18. Thank you very much in advance.


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    Hi Jayprint

    I am new to this board so I don't have any good information for you. I hope you have good news about treatment when you see your doctor. I don't have that mutation but I do have the Chek2 gene mutation. All the best to you.

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    Hi there. Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! So I have PTC. I had my thyroid removed in 2018. I had a lateral neck dissection in 2019 due to lymph node metastasis. I had another dissection last month. I remember at my first postop my surgeon telling my PTC likes to jump around. I am also positive for this braf mutation which I have learned is common in 64% of PTC. This mutation makes reccurence likely. VERT is another mutation I was tested for and thank God that was negative. My ENT, pathology and nuclear med recommend my normal neck scan and blood work in 3 to 6  months and if these are abnormal then a PET/CT. The step after that is oral chemo. They don't want to go ahead with that right now because, of course, less is more and I just had surgery to remove the cancerous lymph nodes. I did have radioiodine ablation after surgery two. 

    So this has been my experience. I wish you luck at your follow up and if you learn anything new, I would love for you to share.  I always have my list of questions and all my many DRS (without fail) have been thorough, patient and kind. I pray you have the same.

    Take good care and no matter what lay ahead, YOU WILL SURVIVE THIS