Fluid build-up in the stomach

My husband as Diffuse Large B cell Lymphoma. Has had 4 rounds of chemo.  He now has a tremendous build up of fluid in his stomach and will have parasentesis tomorrow to remove it.  Has anyone else had this problem?


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    Haven't had it

    But fluid buildup is a fairly well-known symptom of some lymphomas. If the lymphoma is in his mediastinum, it is more common. I have heard of patients having surprising amounts of fluid drained. If it becomes a problem, they may place a drain and leave it in place for the duration of treatment. I think that a short conversation about this with doctor or nurse will provide some reassurance for you.

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    fluid build up

    Thanks for your comment.  We will see the dr on Thursday.



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    The fluid build up in my left lung and heart was what made me end up in the hospital and then find out that I had cancer. So, yes, it is normal. I had the fluid drained out from my back, then had a chest tube put in to drain even more fluid. It was not fun, but it definitely helped me.