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Hello my fellow caregivers, I regretfully joined this club in 2016 when my husband was as diagnosed with C.  I did not find any local support groups for caregivers and I had so many days filled with unwelcome emotions (isolation, sadness, lonely, frustrated, angry, heartbroken and more) and I clawed my way out each and every time. My faith in the Holy Spirit was my saving grace. I now know what to expect and how to navigate the bumps and bruises that undoubtedly comes along with this treacherous journey.  I'm interested in sharing (my) coping mechanisms that worked for me this past 5 years.  If you're interested in forming or joining such a support  group, host or co-host or just be a member, please let me know, by replying to this post or send an email to me with a Subject Line " Caregiver Support Group " for my quick glance and timely response.  <Content removed by CSN moderator>


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    Just joined

    Hello... I am interested but this is my first post and I need to learn how to use this site.  There are not many users in here..

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    More use in the chat room

    It's seems to be no consistent support groups in the community or resources for caregivers on this cite or in general. Have you experienced the same?

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    There are seven of us who are out here to listen and to help. I find that a lot of people are not aware of social workers social workers in your community have a pulse and everything and where you can find help there underutilised social workers you can find in hospitals in a lot of doctors offices they know where are you can go in where you can find help support groups you name it they’ve got it if they don’t they know where. don’t give up there are several of us out here they’re willing to listen and help in anyway. I’ve been a Caregiver all my life The worst I ever enjoyed was my late husband and his cancer journey and then I ended up getting cancer plus I am a man search oncology nearside dealt with death and dying 24 seven.

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    I’m still trying to figure this out. my last sentence above was I was trying to say I am a medical surgical oncology nurse and I had to live with cancer and death 24 seven and I’ve walked in your shoes both parents had cancer and my late husband plus myself .🌹

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    My husband and I found out on March 17, 2022 that he has sclc stage 4 that has metastasized to adrenal gland’s and liver, lymph nodes and brain. He’s had lots of chemo and when the oncologist originally saw the Brain MRI ,he had 3 lesions but then about a month later he had a couple of really bad headaches so they did another MRI and found “ innumerable lesions “ the radiation oncologist estimated a 100 or so. he did 10 days of full brain radiation which they told us he would be limited on how much more radiation to his brain so we waited for 5-6 weeks and got another Mri and they said they could do a one time zap on the 9 remaining lesions . So he did it but since the large amount of lesions and full brain radiation his brain would get very confused and lose a lot of newer memories and that’s been so hard to see as his wife of 40 years. We went in for his Mri today and have a Dr appointment tomorrow for the report. Please pray that he doesn’t have any more. He’s been so strong and positive and sweet to everyone and I love him so so much and the sad thing is he was only 2 months away from retirement and we had bought a motorhome and sold our home to travel around and be campground host but instead we live in a tiny 1 bedroom near his numerous Dr offices…. I need a support group so so bad … we live in the Denver Colorado area and want to get some mental health help but it’s been hard. I just want someone to be a sounding board.. our youngest 37 year old daughter lives near by and helps as much as she can our other daughter live in SanAntonio Texas. She’s been up here once for 8 weeks back in September but she only has 4 weeks fmla left so she’s saving it for later.. can anyone please suggest a support group or therapist I can talk to. I can’t even begin to think of a life without him here. My hearts broken and I go from sad to mad to every feeling in the books. If anyone has any advice or options I would be forever grateful.. thank you 🙏🏻 Jennifer