Stage 4 Anal Cancer

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For those of with Stage 4, are you on a chemo regiment for life?

I did chemo and radiation when I was first diagnose. During my 6 month scan they found a spot on my liver. I had a liver resection. 

For good measure, they had me complete 4 chemo treatments every 21 days.

i have been given the option to continue with the chemo indefinitely or stop chemo and have scans done every 3 months.

if the cancer comes back, then I would go back on chemo treatments.

Looking here to find out what others have decided when given this choice.

Thanks for your input.


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    Stage 4

    I did not have stage 4 but if I did I would want at least one and maybe two second opinions from really big centers like MD Anderson in Houston and there is also somewhere in California that deals with a lot of advanced anal cancer. You might be able to get consults with places without actually having to travel there, more like they review your records and do a virtual second opinion.  Even though it is not a common cancer there are oncologists who specialize in it. Best wishes for your treatment