Trachea Tube Shower Cap Mucus Deflector

Hey everybody.

I was diagnosed with cancer in my tongue in early 2017. In March of 2017, the surgeons removed 70% of my tongue including the "flap" and reconstructed everything with tissue donated from my left thigh area. As a result, I have a trachea tube that is more than likely permanent. As a result of that, I am constantly on the lookout for anything that makes life with a trach tube a little easier. About the most paramount concerns are one, to keep anything flying out of the trach tube from splattering my family or friends in the face, and two, to protect the tube from anything foreign trying to enter the tube. That all goes straight into my lungs, you know. About the most aggravating part is trying to take a shower. Let me tell you, you only have to get water sprayed into your trach tube one time to realize just what a problem that is. I have tried several ideas from wrapping my neck in plastic wrap, (not a good idea), to the plastic collar thingy's that pretty much choke you around the throat before they are tight enough to keep the water out, and then you can't get your finger to the trach tube to cap it so you can cough while wearing that thing. I recently ran across an item, a device, that makes it ever so much easier, and certainly more comfortable for me. It's called Sam's Cap and I fouind it on eBay of all places. It is an attachment for the Covdien Shiley 4CFS, 6CFS, 8CFS, and 10CFS but I'm pretty sure it will fit a lot of other tubes too. I'll add the link to it below but I would appreciate any feedback anybody could or would give me about this thing. Please let me know your thoughts.