Stage 4 colon cancer spread to both sides of liver

Hello all,
I was diagnosed yesterday with stage 4 colon cancer that has spread to both sides of my liver. The colon tumor is large and obstructs elimination of faeces. The treatment they have told me will be 1) a colostomy to relive the constipation 2) a port 3) chemo to reduce the cancer/tumor 4) once reduced, removal of section of colon containing tumor.

My questions are: Does this sound realistic? I am in no way a doctor but wouldn't it be more logical to remove the section of colon containing the tumor first, this relieving constipation and removing the need for a colostomy? If my suspicions are correct, that would then leave the liver cancer which could be treated by chemo or surgically removed?

Thank you for reading! I'm sure I'll need more help asking this journey.


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    What kind of doctor did you see?

    As SB says, you will have to beome your own fierce advocate. If they are doing surgical intervention (colostomy)for the blockage why not just remove it in the process? I am a huge proponent of surgical removal first and foremost, Chemo to mop up. Others will disagree but it worked well for me.  

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    Hello, and welcome to the forum

    Interesting situation, and one I've never heard before. 

    I too had a blockage, as have several member here on the forum, and I was in surgery promptly - like two weeks, to get the blockage/Cancer removed.  Of course, the metastasis in my liver hadn't been identified at that time, so maybe that would have made the difference. 

    As our friends above said, if you 'feel' something else could or should be done, then definitely express this to your Oncologist, and if at all possible, get a second opinon, but get it quickly, becasue a blockage is serious buisiness, and could end up rupturing. 

    I am sorry you have joined us on this wild and crazy Cancer journey.  As I tell others, stick with us and we will stick with you.  Ask all the questions you want about anything, and we will try to answer. 



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    Did this plan come from a

    Did this plan come from a surgeon?

    Always get a 2nd opinion before any surgery, preferably at another hospital and make sure the surgeon is a certified colorectal surgeon.


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    Hi. Sorry that you've had to

    Hi. Sorry that you've had to come here with the news regarding your treatment.

    Not clear on what you've typed here. I had CRC with one tumor removed by robotic lap surgery. I wasn't completely blocked but it was getting there probably. The liver tumor came a bit later, you can find my history on my about page.

    So if you are completely blocked, that is going to be very important for the doctors to relieve. There needs to be time between chemo and surgery, you need to heal after the surgery. I don't quite understand why the colectomy would not address your tumor situation and the blockage simultaneously. I think people who have had this might need a little more information before giving you the info you're looking for.

    With liver mets with that kind of spread and severe blockage, chemo doesn't seem a crazy option before surgery but again we might want to know more.

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    I have no expertise in this area, but your questions seem reasonable.  I believe that is essential that you be a fearless advocate for yourself to receive the best treatment and outcome.  Depending on where you are located, there are likely multiple options for treatment and second opinions.  I rejected my first surgeon and believe I obtained a much better outcome because of that.  Good luck with these tough issues.

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    Hi guys! Thanks for your responses. Too be clear, the tumor is in the lower left of my colon and large enough that they couldn't get the camera past it. However, I'm taking Linzess daily and occasional Miralax which help clear my bowel some. As it is not a complete blockage, I don't see why the want to do a colostomy, chemo and then removal of the section of colon with tumor and not just remove the section of colon with the tumor first, then chemo and then, if required, address any remaining liver cancer surgically. Any ideas? I'll be calling them tomorrow.

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    are you working with, an Oncologist and/or a surgeon? 

    Sometimes the two of them have different ideas, concerning surgery.  Take for example my liver met. My Oncologist wanted me to have a resection, my surgeon wanted an ablation.  If both your Onc and Surgeon are on the same page, then you may consider it a good move.  Either way, whoever you are talking to tomorrow, lay it all out and discuss your options, as there are always options. 

    I remember well, being first diagnosed. I wanted everything done immedietely, thinking that time meant death. Often that is not the case, unless, as I said in a previoud post, there is a complete blockage, and that is serious.  But it sonuds like you have some time to make decisons, and I wish you the best. 

    Look forward to your report on how things go.