Sad New from LouDy22

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I'm sorry to report that Billy's mother has passed away from Stage 4B carcinosarcoma. Despite conventional chemo, immunotherapy and her previous good health, her cancer proved to be intractable. A very sad loss for Billy and his family, especially since his mom was only 59.


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    I know much is not

    fair, but it's still so unfair. 

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    Thanks very much for letting

    Thanks very much for letting us know CMB. I agree with Connie - it is just so unfair!

    Love and Hugs,


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    Sad news. We wish the best for Billie and his family.

    May she rest in peace. 


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    I'm sorry Billy

    Your mom was way too young, life is so unfair sometimes.  No words of wisdom here but I hope you are finding comfort in your friends and family. You are a wonderful son.


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    On My Mind

     Thanks, cmb.

    Billy's Mom has been on my mind these past weeks. I have no words, tears for the loss of a great Mom. 



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    Thanks, cmb.  I have Billy

    Thanks, cmb.  I have Billy and his family in my prayers.  

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    So sorry to read this Billy

    You were such a good son to your mother.  I hope you can find comfort in that.  She must have been a wonderful woman to raise a son like you. Prayers for you and your family


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    Thank you everybody, you can light a candle on this link

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    Beautiful Inside and Out


    Thank you for the link. We knew that your mother had to have had a beautiful spirit to have raised such a devoted son. But I can see from her photograph that she was lovely on the outside too. Please take comfort from your own family over the next few days and weeks. I hope that in time the grief you feel now will be lessened by wonderful memories of the mother you loved so much.

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    Billy, thank you for posting the link.

    It gives us a sense of who she was in real life and see her beautiful face and spirit. Take care and if you need further support, we are still here for you. 



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    So sad, Billy

    Thanks for letting us know, cmb.