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Does anyone else have their CRP monitored in relation to cancer diagnosis.  My surgical onc doesnt check for it but my GP does.  Mine has been steadily rising from before my surgery.  It was elevated in every test but the last two it is severely elevated 27.5 mg/l and 30.5 mg/l.  I've read this can be a marked for cancer.  I've been ned on my follow up scans and u/s since my surgery 2.5 years ago.  Should I be concerned and should I seek out another onc to follow up with.  Mine says he doesn't think it's related to cancer.  Couldn't it mean another cancer is somewhere going undetected?  I was at ground zero in months following 9/11 so I feel I'm higher risk.


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    many other possible causes as well

    I had a more extensive array of blood tests last month and this doesn't seem to have been included and I can't recall ever having it taken, but we might do things differently here.

    I can understand your concern with the numbers rising, your belief that you are at high risk, and your research which show it might be connected with cancer in some cases. I would be concerned as well.

    Have you checked out all the other possibilities assocated with high CRP to see if they also fit your situation?

    Apart from all that, I am not sure what can be done with regards to the big C apart from regular scans. When was your last scan and when is your next? What would you like to have happen in response to this?