T-cell ALL poor prognosis

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I am a 34 yr old father/husband who was diagnosed in 2018 with T-cell ALL. After 2 failed SCT and multiple targeted chem treatments, I was told I am out of options and given roughly 4-6 months to live. Has anyone else here been told this? If so, how have you been handling it? I am really having a hard time and could really use some advice/help. 


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    Hi hon,

    I'm so sorry ?  I had an aggressive form of Tcell ALL that I was lucky enough to (barely) survive. T Cell is a god damn ****.  Holding my loved ones close has never failed me. Sorry I can't give better advice ?



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    Very sorry to hear this!

    There are always options. One doctor, no matter how brilliant, cannot know of all the potential options. If you are in the US, are you being seen at a National Cancer Institute designated Comprehensive Cancer Center? If not, I strongly urge you to consult at such a facility. They employ the best and brightest, perform research, i.e. clinical trials, and have cutting edge medical technology in the cancer realm. If not, you may locate the nearest NCI facility here. It is absolutely worth the time, travel and hassle.


    In going to such a facility, I have survived 13 years now after ending up with three simultaneous systemic cancers and in my 5th remission. Essentially a 0% chance of survival. I did not listen to the predictions. I am alive because of clinical trials.