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I had a CT in Feb. 2021, where a 3mm upper left lung nodule was found. Dr. said repeat scan in 6 months. Had CT in August, and the nodule is now 5mm. Dr. says repeat scan in 6 months. At what point do I see a specialist?


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    I would see a specialist asap. My cancer was found accidentally during xray for broken rib on unaffected side. Scans (CT, PET) indicated 3 cm possible nodule, biopsy confirmed adenocarcinoma, lobectomy revealed 4.8 cm mass. I was told by numerous specialists that I was stage 1 but had lymph node involvement and turned out to be stage 3a.

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    I would go see a specialist now. I initially had a small nodule which was tested with a needle biopsy that came back negative. Well, woe is me for being unconcerned and not doing 3-6 month follow-ups.

    You don't need to wait until the size is so large that it is converted to cancer. I personally would find a surgeon experienced in wedge resection and have that "small nodule" removed before it is big enough to warrant removal of the whole lobe. Get a referral to any cancer center that performs vats and go from there. You can use the wedge resection as a diagnostic tool. You will be very lucky to discover there is no advancement... because growing nodules do advance.

    Much better to have a wedge removal when it is non-cancerous state than to wait for it to grow large enough to confirm cancer which requires more extensive removal. If it is growing.... it will continue to grow. THIS IS NOT GOOD. Please be proactive on this.

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    I second Sharon's comments. Lung cancer is nothing to ignore. You have to be your own advocate and a 2nd opinion is critical.

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    Have you gotten 2nd opinion yet? Sharon gave great advice and it's critical not to get complacent. You, not the doctor will have to deal with the consequences if it turns out to be cancerous.

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    I would see a specialist soon. My carcinoid tumor in my lung was also an incidental finding. While my PET scan showed no other questionable spots, my primary doctor didn't recommend any further action. However, when I went to the Mayo clinic to see a pulmonologist, they suggested I see a surgeon immediately and a partial lobectomy was done. I am healing now. It was tough, but necessary. Advocate for a specialist if you can.

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    A nodule needs to be 10 mm or larger to be biopsied, and it usually doesn't start spreading until 15 mm at least. Usually. That is most likely why your doctor suggests just monitoring it for now. But you may want to see a thoracic surgeon to assess whether it can be removed now. If it's growing, you may not want to wait -- even if it's slow growth. You can also have it removed by targeted radiation.