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Atm I am more active with German people suffering from colon cancer. I figured out 2 interesting things for people to consider. Both of them do lack scientific research for now but there is no harm. 

Sulforaphan: appearantly this substance blocks cancer growth and increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy. For now just a little study with 40 people was done, so the prove is not big. Still the University in Heidelberg Germany, recommends to add sulforaphan into your diet (pills not proven). The substance is in Brokkoli, mustard, cabbage, brussel sprout, rape seed. Highest amount you can get with brokkoli sprouts 3 days old in salads, etc. Again it is only a diet recommendation. 

Methadone: an opioid and as far as I know they are doing a big study now. In lab studies methadone increases the amount of opioid receptors on the cell surface of especially  the tumor cells. The effect is that increases the effectiveness of the chemo. The more interesting effect is this one: if you had a chemotherapy but your tumor got resistant against the chemo, methadone could make the tumors susceptible to it again. Like I mentioned: for now it is just molecular science and reports from people, the study is missing but I hope that the first results of the study will come out in January 2022. So, convince your doctors to prescribe you methadone instead of morphine or so, especially because methadone doesnt make you so high. 

I will update more from the German community especially if proves come.

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    Many studies on sulforophan. 

    Many studies on sulforophan.  One study stated in order to get full benefit of broccoli if you cook it is to have piece not cooked to go with the cooked.  Reason is when broccoli is cooked it renders some of the active cancer fighting ability.  The raw piece reactivates it in your system.  I thought that was interesting.

    I take a supplement called Avmocal.  It is high dose sulforophan.  Plus I love broccoli.