Covid vaccine after treatment

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I was on this board 21 years ago when I was first diagnosed. I am a 21 year survivor and just received my second Covid shot. Wondering if anyone else are in a similar situation. I had concerns about getting it. I waited and just got my second shot Monday. I have gotten what they call Covid arm. A red itchy big rash at the injection site. I also have a stiff neck which Im wondering could be swollen lymph nodes. I am still not 100% and its been 4 days. Any others have any issues after getting the shot?


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    Lymph nodes

    if you had any lymp nodes removed you should not receive injections  or have your blood pressure taken in that arm.  I’m sure you will be fine in a few days.  Congratulations on getting the vaccIne!

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    Covid shot

    I got my 2nd Covid shot while in active chemo treatment for breast cancer. It knocked me down for a few days, fever, aches, and flu symptoms. However, I recovered and glad I got the shot. I hope you are feeling better!

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    I got my fourth COVID shot after I finished chemo. A little sore arm, but nothing else. I think a rash at the site may be common but you should report it to your dr. Hope you get over it just fine!