Lookng for local support groups in the DMV area

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I've been in chemo treatment for 3 months now and, I'm lookng for local cancer support groups in the DMV area. I also have other medical conditions that complicate my MM, and interferes with my healing process and my ability to walk without continuous pain.  My family have been very supportive,  but do not understand that there are things I'm going through that I can't discuss with them.  Any information would be greatly appreciated. 



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    My name is Rob . I'm in DC and I was pronounced cured of Stage III MM and I'm 7 years cancer free. I'll be glad to help you navigate the whole maze of MM treatments. Plus - I know a truckload of specialists in DC.

    There's a Cancer Survivors' group in Bethesda - right by NIH. I think it's American Cancer Society.

    You need to see a pain specialist to treat your constant pain. You can control it.

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    I was dx with MM at 37 and it hit me hard I was really bad off when they found it.

    I went to local support group at my local hospital. You may want to check and see through them if they have one. I only went a few times it didn’t help me at the beginning I was the worse off and the youngest. Kinda made me more depressed. I did join a bunch of support groups on Facebook. They actually helped me the most. Found one for Multiple Myeloma 50 and younger. And many others have actually made a great friend who came to my town for lunch a few years back. She’s a little older but understands exactly what I’m going through. And is only a private message or phone call away if I’m having a rough day or need to vent. Please look into this it really has helped.