Pathology Report Part I

So, here I am again writing on this forum because it is so challenging to have anything explained....or to reach my current ob/gyn. Thankfully, due to advice received from ladies on this forum, I have switched insurance, contacted my representative early for my member ID number, and I was lucky to receive an appointment for tomorrow at the new gynecologists office (where I was referred by a colleauge). 

I receive the pathology report from the endometrial biopsy which states:

Inactive endometrium with features suggestive of a polyp/negative for malignancy 

The doctor writes below:
Inactive endometrium is related to the provera use (to keep the uterine lining thin). A hysteroscopy using the Myosure was the initial plan for the removal of a polyp or a fibroid. This result supports that plan.

I get confused as it has gone back and forth from being a polyp which is heterogeneous and hypoechoic (not my preference in polyps since it's better to be hyperechoic and homogeneous) to a fibroid. I was hoping for a degenerative fibroid since that was what was mentioned last week. I am happy to see the the biopsy came back negative, but I also recognize that this can happen since it's just a general "swipe" instead of pinpointing the polyp. 

Any thoughts or additional information you might have is great. The constant waiting makes me crazy, and I have been bleeding on Provera since August 12th (so I am probably not in my best mood ever). :) 

Thanks again for all the wonderful advice so far!