I'm 35 y/o. Anyone else around my age?

Hi everyone! 

I have never posted on a discussion board before, but today I got my pathology back that I have Stage 1 endometrioid carcinoma. I have endometrial atypical hyperplasia and had a D&C with hysteroscopy almost a month ago. I had been having prolonged and SEVERE bleeding for months straight, which I know you all know about too, which prompted me to go to the gyno. I had a normal-ish ultrasound that showed a thickened endometrium, but we couldn't get the bleeding to stop so we decided to do a D&C over a biopsy to help stop the bleeding. 

I am 35 so they were NOT concerned with this being cancer, but I knew from research that having a thickened endometrium could lead to cancer eventually. I am just wondering if there are other people around my age on here? I don't have any kids (I've never been sure I even wanted kids), but I am having a hard time wrapping my head around this. Everyone I have talked to that has had a hysterectomy (not because of cancer, just in general) has said that it was the best thing they had ever done. I don't think I'm sad I won't have kids, but I think I have to grieve the loss of that potential. 

I go on Thursday for my pathology follow up. I was sent a copy of the path report to "My Chart", so I read it on my own. The doctor's office called me asking if I could come right in (I was out of town so I couldn't), but it made me think something was wrong, so I looked up the report on my own. So, I haven't heard the words from the doctor yet, but from what I can tell it is cancer. My mom who is a nurse read it too and confirmed that's what it was saying. So, now I wait forever until Thursday to find out what's next. 

Thanks for listening, I think I just needed to speak it to others who understand. 



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    Good News / Bad News

    Well, dear one, you certainly have a lot to deal with. First, I'm so sorry. It is a lot to wrap your head around, that certainty that you won't have babies. Ugh, the worst. 

    Next, congrats to you and your mom for figuring out that you have endometriod adenocarcinoma, Grade 1. So good that it's Grade 1. That's the lowest, and also, it sounds like--so far--you have the slowest growing kind of cancer.

    I'm not your age, but there are younger women here.

    I have the same type of cancer as you!

    We are all here for you.

    <3 Deb 

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    Welcome to the board

    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis.  It is very upsetting.  It is good that you have type 1 as it is far less agressive.  You won't know your stage however, until after you have more investigations.    There have been a few women your age.  They may chime in also.  I was never able to become pregnant either.  It is sad to know you will never have your own children, but we adopted two baby girls and they are my children.  There are some fertility sparing treatments when you have grade 1 endometrioid carcinoma.  Don't get ahead of yourself.  Ask any questions you like.  

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    37 here, and welcome

    I'm 37 and was diagnosed with endometrial adenocarcinoma after I had a hysteroscopy and D&C done because I had been bleeding for months with some very painful cramps. My Obgyn called and gave me the diagnosis and she kept saying the standard of care is a hysterectomy and that just devastated me and my husband. We had always wanted kids and the hysteroscopy had shown 2 polyps that were removed and not cancerous, so we were hopeful that meant our chances of getting pregnant would be better. Then the cancer diagnosis derailed all that. I got an appointment with a gyn oncologist in Little Rock and she said if it hadn't spread anywhere we could try fertility sparing treatment. I got my MRI done and go Tuesday to talk about the next steps because mine is a stage 1A, grade 1. 

    This is a good place. Sometimes reading about everything is scary and like others have said, a lot of it will probably never even pertain to you or your treatment so don't get yourself too worked up until you talk to your gyn onco and see what's going on.   

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    Fertility Spariing

    Just in case you are interested: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33181010/

    You will get past this cancer and please post here whenever you need support.

    Best wishes,



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    New here as well

    I am also new to all this. I am 36 and had a tumor removed from each overy about 3 weeks ago. Since my husband and I did not have strong feelings about having children (we had already decided that we probably wouldn't) we went ahead and removed the ovaries as well as full hysterectomy. Still haven't felt sad about not being able to have children, so that kind of verifies my decision I guess. Doctors are unsure at this point if we are classifying the cancer (which they were able to fully remove) as stage 1 Ovarian or stage 4 of some form of GI, since the biopsy showed Adenocarcinoma which I guess is more typical with GI types of cancers. I am being recommended chemo, and will find out later this week which path they recommend treating, though it is ultimately up to me as to which treatment to go with. Feeling overwhelmed about that and not sure which to choose. Option 2 is more aggressive so I'd like to stay away from that if it is not totally necessary. 

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    Dear Redrose,


    It sounds like you may be in shock. The sense of overwhelm is real. There is so much to learn about your own condition and what treatment to try.


    Where are you? Have you had a second and/or third opinion? Are you being seen at a teaching hospital?


    Best wishes from California.



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    I am also in California and

    I am also in California and new to the Kaiser system this year. I feel like I've already been bounced around through several doctors: I had a few different doctors checking on my progress when I was first admitted into the hospital while they ran tests and tried to manage my pain. Then I was referred to Gyn/Onc because they suspected Ovarian cancer. He did my surgery and referred me to follow up with Hematology Oncology because although the tumors were clearly on my ovaries, I guess the type of tissue suggests it may have matastisized from somewhere in GI tract. All my tests are not coming up with a clear indication one way or another as to the origin of the tumors. My husband is a little skeptical of the Hem/Onc doctor since he admitted he hasn't had a case like mine before. We'll see what his answer is after meeting with group to discuss my case, but my husband thinks maybe a 2nd opinion as well. I'm just feeling a little overwhelmed from all the doctors and worried that it may delay the process to try and find another doctor who may end up saying the same thing...

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    Second opinion

    I understand your frustration since your diagnosis has been inconclusive so far, despite your surgery. I hope you get more clarity once the oncologist has met with the group to discuss your case. But I agree with your husband – a second opinion might provide additional information that would be helpful right now.

    You want to be sure that the next treatment steps are the best choice for your situation. If the second opinion concurs with what you hear from Kaiser, then you and your husband will probably feel better with moving forward with the oncologist's recommendations. Right now you may always have some doubt about them.