So I donated my kidney 12 years ago to my day. He is diabetic and was on a transplant list and the transplant was successful I only suffered high blood pressure following the procedure. This last year in november I was in a wreck and found out I had a 4cm tumor on my remaining kidney. Was told the day before thanksgiving it was cancer. I had the tumor removed before xmas and released xmas day so that was awsome. I was left with 70% of my remaining kidney I am now 38 I have 3 kids and married or 18 years. Everything went great and I felt good but as of lately I feel crazy depressed and incredibly worried about my future. My 6 month check was good, still fighting very high blood pressure. I dont think it's possible but I wish I could let go the stress and anxiety about the whole thing.


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    Mental Struggle is the hardest

    I am right there with you. 

    I am a little over a year out of having a 4.5cm mass taken out. 

    For whatever reason, drove myself to full blown panic these last scans for absolutley nothing. I decided I cannot live this way. 

    I would love to hear other people's input, but I am going to start with positive affirmations aimed at health anxiety each morning.

    My 3 favorites:

    1. My body is intelligent and it knows how to protect me

    2. Anxiety isn’t dangerous, it’s just uncomfortable 

    3. I am healthy and strong

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    Scanxiety is a terrible thing

    Scanxiety is a terrible thing! Especially for me, because I do have health anxiety. However, it gets easier with each passing year. With tumor size of 4 cm all odds are in your favor to live happily without kidney cancer ever after :-) Scanxiety will torture you for 2-3 years, and will surely get better later on. Good luck with it!

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    I think you will be fine

    Hi I'm stage 3 and had a partial done it's been a year and a half and I. Ask my doctor the otero day about my chances of living he said he was 95 percent sure I was not going to die because of cancer so relax and enjoy you family the stress is not good for you