New - Kappa Light Chain numbers

Hi. Quicks history. I suffer from many chronic illnesses. A few years ago I was being watched for MGUS when my KAppa light chain was around 25 and ratio was around 1.9. my hemo at the time said after being watched for a year I was fine. That was 2019. Fast forward to now. I am much sicker now. Have had to have bladdder out had sepsis and others  Also suffer from MG  I am mostly in bed due to these things. 

But since Feb or March I have felt even worse. My hemoglobin has been dropping and at one point was 6.9 - currently around 7.4. My ferritin is 3 etc. So I'm pretty anemic. Ive always  had neutropenia but neutrophils have gotten into 600s and right now around 900s. My albumn borderlines on being low but just by a a little. 

with this my doctor that takes care of me and monitors me decided to retest numbers. My kappa light chain this week was 44.0 - is that high? 
And my kappa/lambda ratio is up to 2.49. 

My doctor wants me to see my hematologist as he feels this needs to be investigated further I guess. 

I just have felt so sick lately even sicker than with my MG and other autoimm stuff etc. Do these numbers mean there should be possible investigation into MM?

I would appreciate any insight. Thank you. Blessing!