stomach cancer

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I am new here. I was in the medical profession 39 years and worked at 2 hospitals. I retired in 2018 due to stomach cancer. Before surgery, my chromaganin A was 800. Normal is 90 from what Im told. I was on chemo for 3 months and it did not touch me, Gleevec 400mg one pill daily.  I had surgery Sept 2017 and had  97% my stomach removed. I was told there was postive margins during surgery which means it was spreading but the surgeons caught it. Had I not had my surgery, I would have passed 3 months later. I am a motivational speak now giving hope and inspiration. I am fatigued, still have abdominal pain and nausea. (zofran 4mg). 

Here is my  recent tumor marker results: 12/20  44, April 2021 53  Aug 11 2021 58. I see my oncolgist on the 17th. I know its creeping up near 90 is what Im told is the normal mark. 

Can you please give me your thoughts on why is going up. This is my 4th cancerversary coming up and I know it can return.  I am divorced, live in New Jersey and 65. I host monthly zoom meetings for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers.