Post Op - Loss of Ovaries Question / Issues / Recommendations

Hi All,

So unrelated to UC per se but as a result of surgery I am wodnering about side effects and isssues resukt from losing both ovaries plus all your other ladyparts.  I am have been post-menopausal for many years and most of the side effects were behind me except for occasional night sweats and sleep issues.  

Since surgery 2 months ago, these have intensified and I will deal with them but I am wondering about increased cardiovascular and bone risks as well as skin, hair, weight, etc as well as well as all the pelvic floor stuff.  Not a vain person but all the women in my family have bene blesssed with great skin even into old age so wondering what facial skin care products might help.

I cannot take hormones and have had HBP for yeras and am alreday on Cozaar and Lipitor for cholesterol. The lipids are under control but my BP is still too high.  Doctor discussed adding a water pill or calcium blcoker but is giving me 3 months to see if II can get my BP lowered naturally as I really do not want to add another pill.  I am overweight and I know I need to kickstart a healthier lifestyle.  I have already started working on food and diet and will start doing more vigourous exercise besides walking once I am toold I can start. 

Looking for any insights into how you have managed some of the ancillary yet still important health issues that are a byproduct of UC and losing our ovaries in an effort to be rpoactive and get ahead of them and try to have control of some things that IU can mange myself for overall welnnes.