Editing Your Comments & Date Change

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Recently I noticed that editing an existing comment that I've made in the past now changes the date to the new edit date. This is different behavior than in the past when editing a comment didn't change the original comment date.

There have been times in the past when I wished an edited comment would include the change date. I can also see that there will be some occasions now when I'd prefer to retain the original comment date.

So be aware that if you feel the original date of your comment is important for others to know, either add a new, separate comment or include a notation in the post when editing the old comment.


  • ConnieSW
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    Good advice

  • Forherself
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    I did it too

    So maybe the new edit can include the date of the original post.  It is a bit confusing to see it as a new comment.  Thanks CMB for your kind oversight.