Wife just diagnosed with HCC

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My wife has just been diagnosed with Hcc with one tumor 3.8 cm. It was found because of pain in her abdomen. It was discovered to be bleeding prompting lnterventional embolization. The treatment plan is for y90 because of the bleeding.  Hearing that the bleeding has made her at a higher risk for metastasis. I'm looking for info through experience. I've been on this for and others for prostate cancer and it has been 5 years since diagnosis I have found these forums extremely helpful. Any response would be welcomed.  Thank you Mark


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    hello, I to have been diagnosed with HCC back in January of 2021.. Iam still attending treatments and all that. I also found out because I had a pain on my left side of abdomen and went to ER specifically for the pain and that's when they did and ultrasound, MRI and CT and confirmed same day that I had cancer. I've done a lot of treatments maybe I can share my experiences if she's okay with sharing hers.. I'm 24 and scared.. but I don't let no one know except my husband but I don't like people worrying about me like that.