19 years since my Surgery Trifecta began

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08/01/2002  Left Nepherectomy done Laprodcopically


09/30/2019 Robtic Prostetectomy


12/31/2019 (New Year's Eve) Open Gallbladder Removap



All surgeries on first or last daY OF Month



No new surgeries scheduled/




Was 78 years young, 10 days ago.






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    Congratulations iceman!

    Congratulations iceman!


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    Congratulations icemantoo

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    That is amazing and inspiring!  Wishing you many more years!

  • Allochka
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    Congratulations, our

    Congratulations, our inspiration and greatest support!

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    You're still a spring chicken!

  • donna_lee
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    From one old ___ to another.

    Keep up the Good Work and recoveries.  But no more surgeries, please.  Glad you are celebrating.

    Hugs, donna_lee

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    Congrats! I hope it's all

    Congrats! I hope it's all clear sailing from here on out. I gave up on tracking mine; I think I've had nine surgeries. But only four for cancers, so that's sort of a win!


    Nesting fail and I give up!

  • Scottie22
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    Happy birthday

    Well done! You were one of the first to encourage me after my diagnosis back in 2013. I was in despair but your story gave me hope which is what I really needed at the time. I am so happy to be here to let you know I had my annual check up today and all is well. So it is 8 years for me and counting. Thank you Iceman for just being there for me and so many others over the years.

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    Happy belated birthday Iceman

    Happy belated birthday Iceman!!

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    Happy Birthday Captain Iceman!

    Captain Iceman

    Happy Birthday!

    Thanks Captain Iceman for the calming words at a troubled time.

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    Always glad…

    ...to hear such good news, especially from one of our "elder statespersons." And a most happy birthday as you begin another healthy year. Take care ~

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    Been a long time since I visited and so glad to see you are still here with advice and encouragement. I was just telling someone how important this board was to me when John (one putt) was diagnosed with stage 4f kidney cancer in 2011. While I lost him five years ago, his autopsy reflected he had no active cancer cells in his body at the time of death. I attribute that to a wonderful doctor (Dr. Hammers) and the information so generously shared on this board. Thank you for your part Iceman.

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    AMAZING!! Such great,

    AMAZING!! Such great, uplifting news.  So what I needed to read today, 8 days post partial nephrectomy, still anxiously waiting on pathology results!! 

    You're Superman!

  • icemantoo
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    Will trade

    Medical hisyories  to be 40 years younger.

     No fun being an old fart or having a pretty doctor 1/2 my age taking out my galbladder on New Year's Eve.





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    Glad you are still here

    Your advice and encouragement have been such a blessing!

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    Happy for you


  • icemantoo
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    Turned 80 last week. On Tuesday it will be 21 years from my Neph. I need a drink.

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    Congratulations on this 👏!

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    Congratulations, our hero!!!! You need at least 3 drinks - one per each surgery :-)

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    Congrats icemantoo!!