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My name is Paul and so happy to run into this blog.  I had the Robotic partial nephrectomy of my right kidney yesterday and I got discharged today.  I was so lucky for it was caught during a CT scan as I was complaining of change in my bowel habits. The CT scan results showed negative results with my Abdomen, but cyst found on right kidney and MRI was recommended.  So that how this problem was discovered and was referred to a Urologist.  Then the Urologist recommended the Robotic partial nephrectomy and had the procedure yesterday.  So my big issue right now is shoulder pain when I stand, and stomach pain when lying down.  Please someone how do I get rid of this Carbon dioxide gas pain? I understand they used the gas. Also I have not passed gas  yet. Please any suggestions about healing, what to eat, drink to help with everything will be helpful..Good thing my whole family is at my house  and visiting from out of  town. I'm able to walk downstairs and back and I know them being here is motivating me as I just got discharged today. But I'm in pain. I have Norco for pain and a stool softener. However, I don't want to use the Norco as much as I hear it makes one more constipated and one can get addicted to taking it. Please anyone who has gone through the same procedure any suggestions, any advice is welcome.  Meanwhile I'm praying for good news from the pathology of the partial kidney they removed.  I'm a healthy 37 year old male. I work out 5 days a week but I smoked since I was 16 years old but thank God I quit three years ago.  The Urologist stated since I have family history of kidney cancer from one of the grandparents, smoking increased the risks. Okay, I will stop there but I want to wish anyone out there going through a similar situation not necessarily kidney, but any type of the procedure, all the best. I pray you will recover fast, and may God be with you. Thank you all.  


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    Give it some time to heal

    The first few weeks are a little rough. I was 20 years older wheb theu yanked out my kidney back in2002.


    Fill in your bio.








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    I don't have any advice on

    I don't have any advice on the gas pain because I didn't have those issues.  Is your stomach pain from gas or incisions?   I am praying your pathology results are good news for you!!

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    The best way for both the

    The best way for both the shoulder and the gas pains is to walk.  I had the robotic partial in 2016.  My right shoulder had the discomfort, but walking will, eventually, get the discomfort out faster than sitting around, plus it helps in the overall healing process.  The same seems to be true for the abdomen.

    Indeed, good fortune to have had this discovered early.

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    Welcome, Paul. Sorry you had to join us, but congrats on getting through your nephrectomy! Each day is going to be a little easier, so listen to your body and you'll be healed up in no time. 

    What Bay Area Guy said is important - walking. Even if it's just shuffling around your house, any walking will help with the healing process. 

    As for the shoulder pain, it'll dissipate in time. I was given the advice to use heat pads and ice bags to help with the discomfort - try one of those on your shoulders and that could help a little. 


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    Gas pain

    I had a partial nephrectomy in January of 2020 and was in the hospital for 2 nights.

    The gas pain was with me both nights but started to go away on day 3. With the other pain, as previously stated, it gets better with time. I was 4 days before I could get out of bed with any ease.

    Walk every day whether you want to or not.

    With that being said I just had my second scan and there is NED after 18 months. And 4 years after Prostate removal still no detectable PSA.

    Stick with a program and there WILL be good news and better days.

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    Glad you are healing

    But the CO2 will have to be absorbed by the body and exhaled.  As you know, they inflate the area they are working on so they may see the area better; and the gas rises in your body once your sit or stand.  Try Tylenol for pain if you don't want a heavier drug, drink water and move as often you can.  It does go away.

    Good luck,


    P.S. My full surgery was done 15 yrs ago and I was in ICU for 2 days, nursing unit for 3 days and needed help walking for several days following.