I need to better deal with stress:

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I need to better deal with stress: I have had a very hard time dealing with stress lately and it crossed my mind to look into common meds, such as Ativan (I see some good info on various CSN discussion boards about Ativan). I had a very hard time sleeping last night. Stress troubling me. Having to pee every so often didn’t help (I’m looking into giving Flomax another chance for that).
On top of the bad night’s sleep I got blood drawn this am (PSA, testosterone, some other non-PCa stuff). No problem with getting that done. But while waiting for my family to come get me (I’m in a wheelchair for convenience) I felt I had to pee really bad. Not easy for me to get out of the chair and do so. I usually have a urinal with me, but I forgot it at home. The restrooms in the building were locked, so I went back into the lab to get a key, and they said they didn’t have one, but they got me in their restroom and gave me a ‘urine catcher’ to use. That didn’t work. I got a hold of my family members and they got me out of there, but I had to endure the pain on the way home. Made it.
Blah. I got kind of worked up as a result. Stress hit me really hard and made me think about getting some stress meds.
Made it home. Best family in the world.
I know why I was having trouble in the bathroom (dehydration, an uncomfortable wheelchair cushion...). I just didn’t like my reaction to it.
I don’t think Lupron is helping my situation.
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    I need to better deal with stress

    Hi Bill,

    Don't be too hard on yourself sometime PCA becomes overwhelming.  I have only been this journey since being diagnosed in March of this years.  I am on ADT  as I wait for my first radiation treatment with HDR Brachytherapy.  We must have been kindred spirits last night I never sleep well the night before I have to go in for PSA and other Labs.  I had my labs today as well; I slept like crap last night up multiple times for the bathroom which normally is only once or twice and hot flashes every 15 minutes. I am a proponent of therapy and meds.  Sometimes it easier to talk and offload some of our stress when there is someone that doesn't have skin in the game (i.e. not a friend or family member) but can listen and offer some tools and sometimes a low dose of an antidepressant can help.  We carry lot on our shoulders with this disease.  Sounds like you have a great family so that is a blessing.  I know I couldn't do this with out my Wife, kids and grand children.  Sorry I haven't offered alot of help other then  I can understand wanting to find ways to deal with the stress of this disease.

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    I second everything everything CMO has said.  Also keep in mind that Lupron can have a profound effect on your emotional health.  Don't hesitate to discuss this issue with your Doctor.  Many times your treating hospital has resources to help you get through this.

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    Lupron and Emotional Response

    I'm on my second go around with Lupron (Eligard this time, but the underlying chemical and effects are about the same).  IMO, it is not so much the stress itself, but instead it is how you react to the stress, and that is definitely impacted by Lupron.

    On Lupron, I find myself reacting more without thinking first, rather than thinking first and then reacting, in a stressful situation.  I often find myself subsequently thinking, "Why did I say that?", or "Why did I do that in that manner?"

    What I try to do, while on Lupron , is to force myself to think first, and then react second (like I would normally do without Lupron).  When I am able to do that, life and relationships are better.  I will be honest, however, doing that consistently is not possible for me with Lupron, but each time that I am able to do that, the outcome is typically better for me, as well as those people around me.

    I wish you the best of outcomes on your PCa journey.