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I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer a couple of months back.  A thoractomy did not work to take out my tumor that is too close to my heart, so I will be starting Radiation and Chemo Therapy tomorrow.


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    Lung Cancer

    I also had lung cancer stage 3a keep us posted on how you are doing?  I care.

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    Non small cell carcinoma stage two upper right lobe- pain

    My wife had successful removal of 2.5 in NSCC top right lobe June 15th. Has no appittite or desire for food and is still experiencing severe pain in the adbomiba area close to insertion of breast tube- cannot take opioids or other pain meds- limited to low dosages of Advil, Tylenol and gabapadine. Any like experiences and or suggestions truly appreciate.

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    Diagnosed with bladder cancer

    Diagnosed with bladder cancer that metastasized to my lungs. Stage 4, terminal. given 8 months to live. This was on June 6th, 2019. My OC placed me on Keytruda. Within 5 months, no sign of cancer on my scans. 

    Still going strong.

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    It always amazes me when someone is told they have a short time then someone like you ends up NED.

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    Lung cancer Stage IIIa non small cell adenocarcinoma


      I had an upper left lobectomy on June 10. I had a small amount (coffee cup size) of fluid that was drained today and am still coughing and short of breath. Scheduled to start treatment in 3 weeks, but am waiting to see if I can get into a clinical trial. Did anyone else still feel tired and short of breath this long after surgery? Thanks 

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    Yes I had symptons for much longer and 2 year later still fatigue.

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    Lung nodule

    I had a CT in Feb. 2021, where a 3mm upper left lung nodule was found. Dr. said repeat scan in 6 months. Had CT in August, and the nodule is now 5mm. Dr. says repeat scan in 6 months. At what point do I see a specialist?

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    You didn't mention what type of Dr is monitoring this but I would see a pulmonologist right away or if already seeing one go for a second opinion asap.  Good luck to you

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    lung cancer


    I'm still in a bit of a state of overwhelm at the moment because I am still working - well that is, I am allowed to work from home but I have to try and fit it in and that is a struggle at the moment and I still haven't visited my local cancer support group and I was given their details 3 weeks ago! I know... I'm being very slack. I'm doing this on my own - as I realize do so many others - but it just makes it that little bit more of a challenge.  

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    Husband just diagnosed, looking for support

    My husband was diagnosed yesterday with squamous cell carcinoma in his lung. The needle biopsy showed the malignancy. Right now the spot is quite small but the pulmonologist suggested surgery will be the likely first step. We are waiting for the referral for the oncologist to get started with next steps. I'm hoping for some support from other spouses who are dealing with this. I don't want to be pushy with him or the doctors but I want to be sure we're doing everything we can to beat this. He's not terribly communicative so I'm looking for another outlet for me. I started journaling today in hopes that it will help me put my own feelings down clearly.

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    Seeing a specialist

    Hi JSGray. I just signed on to this siie today so don't quite know how this forum works, but I just want to offer a quick reply. I have stage 1A nsclc and had a segmentectomy in July. You didn't mention who you have seen for these chest CT's, but requesting an appointment with a pulmonologist is a great next step. The nodule has grown and bears close watching. Early diagnosis and treatment, IF this becomes a bigger concern, are a gift! I wish you well.