Apocrine Hidradenocarcinoma Stage 4

My sister was diagnosed in March of 2021 with Apocrine Hidradenocarcinoma Stage 4, has anyone heard of this rare cancer? We are struggling to see what is the best option. My blog on our page tells more of her story she is only 44.


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    Hi Carly, I am new to CSN

    Hi Carly, I am new to CSN also.  I understand what your sisters cancer is, but, have never known anyone with it.  I hope you find your answer.  I have an unusual cancer situation too.  I put my faith in my Dr and pray it's the right direction.  Someone recently told me I investigate about my cancer too much. But, I don't think we can ever know too much about this awful thing that's harming us. 
    Your sister is so blessed to have you.  My prayers for you both. 

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    Carly, I read it's rare but I

    Carly, I read it's rare but I don't know much about it. I pray she gets better! 

    Looking forward for a blog update : )


    Be blessed.