where to test CA724 and AFP in the U.S>

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Dear all,

I have been having GI symptoms for over a year, with elevating CEA.  The breast cancer diagnosis was about 4.5 years ago.  With newly discovered H.Pylori and SIBO I have, I know I have issues.  After researching here in the network and the web.  I found that there are tests like buncling CEA, AFP and CA724 (among other marker tests), more detections can be done.  I am in the US and have no ideas where to get the AFP and CA 724 done.  Does anyone know? Do I need to travel to Mexico or Canada to get these done?  Any thoughts would be so much appreciated.  All my doctors are taking the passive approach, just checking my routine blood work. I try to avoid the pet/ct scan and believe those only detect 0.5cm or larger solids like tumors.

Thank you all.  Bless you!