It's been about 17 months since Ron50 was on the chatroom



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    Unfortunately, I cannot confirm whether or not Ron50 is still with us or not. I have not received a reply to the email I sent to Ron50's son. And while I have searched several repositories, I did not find an obituary or death notice.

    But it may not be the tradition in his family to publish these obituaries/death notices as I didn't find any for his parents, either. I know they are deceased since Ron had written about taking care of their final matters many years ago.

    Having looked at the various sources of information that are available, it's evident that Ron had become quite reclusive in recent years as his health conditions got more challenging. But he clearly valued this board and the other colon cancer forum he participated in. I believe that, if he physically could, he would still be posting here.

    So unless we hear something to the contrary, I'm echoing an earlier comment from Tru. I'll think of Ron and his old friend Foxy as sailing together in the great beyond in a beautiful, big fishing boat and enjoying the catch of the day.

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    I've sent several messages to Ron during this lapse from hearing from him and he never responded.  He would write me back before when corresponding with him.  Think about him all the time.