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I was diagnosed with NPC when I was 17 and got the treatment. The major side effect of it is that I don't have enough saliva and can't eat spicy food. I am 28 years old now, and trying to find someone for dating/marriage. I'm from India (currently in US) and have tried dating apps as well as looking into arranged marriages. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go through this? I tend to tell anyone who I start dating about my cancer history in the first/second call itself. I have seen people react very badly to it and even literally run away from me. What's the best time to tell this to anyone and how? I have a good education and career, but somehow nothing else matters after this news. People either don't have enough knowledge about cancer or don't treat me as being "normal". 

PS: This is my first post here. 


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    Ugh... dating.

    Hi there. So, dating in general can be hard for anybody.. nonetheless someone who has gone through treatment and basically had their life turned upside down. But I've found that waiting until someone asks about your previous treatment is the best way to tell them. Usually, I'll drop a few hints here and there. But unless someone asks directly, I wont mention it. Then, when people find out, they tend to be surprised and impressed that I've been through that kinda stuff at such a young age. 

    Relationships are hard for everyone, so you are definitely not alone. Keep your head up, and remember there is so much more to you than your cancer diagnosis. You may not have given it permission to be in your body, but you have a choice as to how it impacts you while in remission.