Signatera & when was your first follow up scan?

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As much as I initially felt  confident in dad doing 6 treatments of FOLFOX instead of the 12 his oncologist recommended, now that he has finished it's so scary. His oncologist has made a few comments about the studies not being clear that 6 treatments is enough and such, but it doesn't matter, dad is dying to have his illeostomy reversed and wants to be done with chemo. Reminding myself that his second opinion oncologist said if she were treating him, 6 treatments would be the plan doesn't seem to help ease the anxiety anymore. Such is life I guess and not much to be done but to wait and see. 

I am concerned that his follow up scan isn't for another 6 months. I'm hoping that one will be done at least for the illeostomy reversal, especially because he had an abscess near the anastomosis; although I'm really wanting to see if the 2mm lung nodule is still the same and I hate the thought of waiting 6 months for that because the reversal will likely only involve abdominal imaging. How long did everyone wait for their first follow up imaging? 

Via dad I asked his oncologist about signatera testing a while ago. Given that his CEA has always been normal I thought it was important. She was dismissive that because it's new, it's not worth it, and adamant that it would cost thousands. I regret letting myself get dismissed by her because I reached out to signatera and the representative I spoke to promised it would cost us nothing. He was patient and kind as I repeatedly asked how and why especially because the oncologist said his insurance wouldnt cover it. Once dad is feeling better from this last round, he will call and speak with them himself but I'm excited as it sounds like the guy was genuine. Has anyone else not been charged for signatera? 


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    I had 12 treatments and had a

    I had 12 treatments and had a recurrence within 6 months. Two clean scans and then POW. I've seen the studies about six vs 12 and if I had a do over I'd take six in a heartbeat.

    I don't know about the testing part. Some companies will offer assistance (because they really want your genetic data). Personally I'd rely more on regular scans.

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    Signatura is on the table for

    Signatura is on the table for me if I want to do it.

    I am on the fence right now.

    I have CT scans every 3 months.  MRI/PET once a year.  


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    Where is your Dadbeing treated?

    Is your Dad being treated at a major medical center?  I was diagnosed 12 years ago and did 6 rounds of follow instead of 8 due to side effects.   My scans were every three months for the first three years  

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    Hi Mandie, given that the

    Hi Mandie, given that the Folfox treatments add a surprisingly modest percentage to the survival rates, I wouldn't stress too much about only doing half the treatments. My doing the 12 came to naught, according to the onc., and follow-up chemo was never brought up again after the liver resections, so all that hassle didn't improve my odds, clear margins meant a lot more. They scanned with CT's every 3 months for years inbetween surgeries, but I expect it ws the slow rising CEA that kept them focused and aware. Push for whatever you can, their total considerations are not yours............................................Dave