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I just got my cytology results. They say that I am negative for high grade urothelial carcinoma but that I have scattered urothelial cells and squamous cells present.  I have a CT tomorrow and my next doctor appt isn't until June 4.  I'm curious if anyone here has had a similar cytology result like mine.  I'm relieved about the negative result but concerned about the squamous cells being present.  Anyone have any idea what this might mean?  Otherwise, I guess I just wait until June 4...:(


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    You should have your CT

    You should have your CT results at this point.  Keep in mind that the resolution of a CT is not as small as one would think, so there has to be a huge amount of tumor cells to register on it.  You may be in line for a cystoscopy or TURBT, based on what your Urologist plans.  Be awqare that there is tremendous information on bladder cancer at the BCAN dot ORG web site.