When does it end?

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I've been fighting cancer for 6 yrs. now.  Started in the Bladder, then the Lung, now the Lung and Liver.  In those six yrs., I've had two operations with organ removals, Radiation treatment, and Chemo.  My Dr. says no cure just remission.  It's an ongoing saga with no letup.  It's tiring and depressing.  The only relief I imagine,  can only come with death.  It doesn't help when I lash out at my wife, but I can't control my temper.  Seem like a story heard before?  It's not just cancer we deal with, it's all the other stuff with it.  Neuropathy, vertigo, arthritis, hard of hearing, and most old folk junk.  Definitely tired of the Barium CT scans.

Need an outlook change.  Drugs?  No amount of talking will displace the depression I feel.  


Welcome comments or strategy.





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    Hi there!!

    Bob90, don't let the depression get to you. You're a warrior.

    My dad was in a similar situation - in remission, his cancer came & went a couple times, and he was definitely moody many times...but we were understanding, we knew this was scary, tiring, and depressing. We were still blessed to have him in his life, I give thanks for every instant I had with him. Know your life is very precious, even when you are going through a hard time!

    Here's my idea: stay engaged as much as possible, even if it's online. See if there's some support group you can join in person. Let your doctor know maybe there's something he can prescribe?

    In the meanwhile please know that you are loved and that we pray for your well-being!

    Your little brother

    Br. Bernardo